Winely provides automation of lab based sampling for winemakers. 

  • Removes the need to take measurements from the tanks
  • Alerts and updates when ferments are not going according to plan
  • Help prioritise which tanks need addressing first
  • Increase utility of current tanks
  • Health and safety - minimises the need to utilise catwalks

Our Winely device provides real-time sampling and tracking of the ferment. Our proprietary 13 sensor technology provides live, accurate real-time overview on the ferment. We track fermentation rate, fermentation vulnerability and provide inventory overview.

This information is provided to the winemaker via our elegant, intuitive software. Our software is cloud based, no software installation or setup, automatically updated, accessible on any device.

We save our customers 6-10 hours a day for every 50 tanks they have, by removing the need to manually retrieve and run lab samples in the primary fermentation. We provide consistently accurate data, enabling the winemaker to make quick and easy decisions on interventions and additions.

We have universally the most accurate sensor technology on the market.

The hardware:

Installed on top of a tank

Installation options: on the tank or on the catwalk

Example of a unit installed on handrail

The hardware unit sits on your wine tank - either hung on a nearby catwalk bar or attached to the tank itself. The sensors that measure the real-time data from the tank are then placed inside the tank. The sensors are protected meaning you can continue your normal procedures with the ferments (plunge downs, pump-overs, running agitators etc) without concern. You can also remove the sensors at any time (for cleaning etc). 

The hardware components are food safe and comply with all electrical regulations. 

The software:

The software provides tracking in real-time on the ferment process from the wine tank displaying to our dashboard for simple and quick analysis and action. You will be able to quickly look at an overview of your entire tank farm as well as click into individual tanks for historical analysis.

The software records the data giving you overall trend information on your fermentation. If the wine tank has multiple ferments for the vintage you’ll be able to finish the ferment and start a new one. You can store the data and access it all year round.

Enhance your reaction time

Respond immediately to ferment data

       Real-time date = Real-time Action

Our customers have increased response time.

This results in:

  • Optimisal fermentation interaction time
  • Reduced additives use
  • Prevent runaway or stuck ferments
  • Increased work optimisation
  • And a better end wine product

Serious about making great wine? Choose a time to talk to our team about how Winely can help today.