Data Use Agreement

Last modified 28 April 2019

This Data Use Agreement (“Data Agreement”) establishes the terms by which your Data is shared with others when using the Winely app and associated website, products, and services (collectively “Web Services”). Collection and use of Personal Information is governed by Winely’s Privacy Policy. Additional conditions apply to your use of Devices and Services as explained in Winely’s Terms of Service.

This page - much like our product is currently under development!

We are currently looking for 50 winemakers to enter a closed beta to test our raw alpha product. Your feedback and use of the product will be analysed it order for us to improve the product and iterate on it. This will mean the best possible version of the product. 

Why join?

You'll be contributing to the technology meaning you have the biggest say in how it is built. This will ensure it is the most useful it can be for you. As thanks for co-building the product you will receive the latest version 12-24 months before the public meaning you will always have the most advanced artificial intelligence help you produce the best possible product.

How does it work?

Apply through our sign up form - we will review your details and get in touch with next steps. If you are accepted into the early adopter programme we will get the product in your hands for use before it hits the market. We will then invite you to give regular product updates and have you participate in user experience tests to ensure we are building the best possible product for you.

I have more questions

Email to have all your questions answered.

I'm interested!

Great! Apply below for early access and we will be in touch.

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